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Infrarays IT Solutions Pvt Ltd is a leading firm based in India. "Our ultimate objective is to provide best services and improve overall growth of client's business in the cut-throat market". A strong foothold of innovative ideas, seasoned skills and ability to deliver a product with utmost perfection is what drives us vociferously in the global market. Our unparalleled technical skills, working experience of years, innovative strategies will really upgrade your business.

We're a young start-up of people that work for your based on your requirements.

We are not Soldiers who can sacrifice there life for the country but we want to do something for our country may be it's small it doesn't matter for us but we are doing something it is matter for us. So we decided to use our skills for our country. We want every single business man should have an online identity to make India Digital and more effective.

The Dream of making Digital India is not only a 1 person dream of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but its even an Dream of our InfraRays. Lets make India as Digital India.

Infrarays is a group of tech professionals coming from various backgrounds in the fields of IT services, software engineering and digital marketing. Our mission is to help companies and organizations to transform their work through the use of software and online services.

The transition to online business passes through a rugged and rocky path. We’re here to make it smooth for you. Whether you’re at the beginning of this uneven road or midway through, when you call for our help, we’ll see you through to the end.

Every client has a unique story, goals and challenges. Therefore, beyond the development and deployment of technology solutions, customer service should be complemented with consultation and interactive planning. We have worked with many clients and we can help you put their experience to good use. The three tenets of our working ethics are as follows:

  1. Timeliness
  2. Quality
  3. Cost efficiency

Long story short, it is our task to provide you with the best solution, in the least amount of time and at the lowest price.
Above all, we believe that your success is our duty. That’s why we’ll be there to support you from start to finish… and beyond.


Static Websites for Start-ups

This is our most popular choice of website for all start-up companies & small businesses. As technology has made so fast that there services/products can showcase online. We are able to produce a 10-12 page website showing off your company at its best level. Whether it is a portfolio of your work, to display your services we have the solution that fits for you. We are able to design and implement a small website that punches big. We will also take care of all the updates at your.....

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites will usually have a Backend panel where the data will be stored and same you can makes some changes too. Whilst we offer the editor allot of customers choose still to have us update the website. Dynamic sites are that by connecting them to databases you can easily pull in information in an organized and structured way to create product pages or categories of related products sorted in a variety of different ways depending on how the user wants to view them.…

Ecommerce (Online store/ Web store)

Ecommerce web development has indeed become a necessity instead of a means to drive greater traffic. We are one of the pioneered web development companies, offers efficacious and effectual Ecommerce web design, plug-in & module development solutions for small and medium level enterprises. Having intense love for web designing and development, our skilled.....

Website Templates & Logo Design

Infrarays IT Solutions is extremely proud to work for the development of both the small scale and large scale portals essaying on the quality service and customer satisfaction in all the ways. Our team of enthusiastically working for graphics designing professionals are excelled in combining the offshore and onshore projects with the view to enabling the customers to have best and affordable web designing.…

Custom Website Development

We deliver the solutions, which meet all the requirements of our customers and provide their business with additional power and competitiveness. Each project is unique for us, nevertheless, to make the development process more cost- effective and fast, we use a set of ready-made applications designed by our team. In this section you will find the descriptions of our solutions..…

Open Source Development

Open Source applications are widely being used on internet today. Open Source software is computer software available in source code form for which the source code and certain rights reserved for copyright holders are provided under a software license. Such software is often developed in a public, collaborative manner. It is a good way for business to achieve greater.…

Android, Iphone, Blackberry & Windows Mobile Application

Infrarays IT Solutions has reliable expertise in the area of Mobile & PDA application development. Mobile connectivity is rising rapidly and the costs of mobility are falling at the same pace. This low-cost widespread reach of mobile connectivity has opened up new vistas for businesses. Mobile and PDA applications now have the ability to connect your.…

SSL Certificates

SSL is dedicated to security and privacy for all users. We believe the movement to encrypt nearly all web traffic is a positive development for the internet. Preventing MITM attacks and other data-interception techniques possible when using HTTP- only is in everyone’s best interest, and that point is not up for debate, However, there’s a big difference between encryption and security, a point that may be trivial to advanced users/professionals, but is extremely relevant for consumers.…

Digital Marketing & SEO

Our marketing team are obsessed with transparency and with return on investment – ensuring you know exactly what we’re doing for you at all times – and that every penny you spend on your online marketing is returned many times over in measurable new business..…

IT Support & Solutions

Whether its fixing, maintaining or supplying we can help your company. For many years, IT Support has been viewed as a necessary evil and recalls occasions when a techie has been called out to make something work. Perhaps equipment or a process that you.…

Hosting Services

We offer fast secure hosting using our state of the art hybrid servers. We combine traditional hard-drives with super fast SSD’s. This means your site performs substantially better then most of our rivals. We monitor our servers round the clock and often spot problems before they become a issue.…


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Our Team

Me & my team gives best of best services to everyone.Our products & services have very lesser cost by using lastest technologies like NodeJS,task rabbit clone,php,magento,instacart & other platforms.
Rajeev KR
Founder & CEO
B.Pharm, MBA
We hand-pick our team to ensure that you have the best technical support. So give a shot and we'll never stop supporting you.We offer upgrades proactively managing all at your end.
Mahesh Gowda
Techinically we will help startups who will face the problem in future as they need to know what will happen in future in some cases. Startups get free IT advice from Infrarays and its ventures.
Likith Yadav R
Our team takes responsibilities & solves the problem instantly.The every support we provide is user-friendly & make sure that the problem doesnt exists again.We provide you fully automated process.
Priya Yadav