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Infrarays IT Solutions has reliable expertise in the area of Mobile & PDA application development. Mobile connectivity is rising rapidly and the costs of mobility are falling at the same pace. This low-cost widespread reach of mobile connectivity has opened up new vistas for businesses. Mobile and PDA applications now have the ability to connect your business processes like never before!

Mobile and PDA applications are complex software codes. Unlike PC-based software, the applications that provide for organizing business processes through the mobile and PDA devices needs to be extremely scalable, lean, quick and energy-efficient. Due diligence is required prior to development of any mobile and PDA based application and this is where the lines are drawn between the experts and the amateurs. With years of experience and working with clients across the world, Infrarays IT Solutions has established ourselves as reliable partners with suitable expertise in developing mobile and PDA applications.

Mobile and PDA applications hold tremendous advantage for workers who are constantly on the move. Mobile and PDA Applications developed for your field workers or workers in rural areas or far off areas can facilitate real time reporting without loss of time and at extremely nominal cost. Such applications can work seamlessly with your existing content management systems and database.

Another major area of using Mobile and PDA applications is providing business transaction facilities. High-end mobile and PDA software can enable secure transaction for your dealers to order stock and your customers to make payments to you. Mobile and PDA applications can also enable customer care and automated replying through SMS. You can run and track marketing campaigns, organize games and quizzes and even provide for automatic itinerary scheduling of your service team members.

Infrarays team holds expertise in coding for popular platforms used by mobile and PDA devices such as:

  1. Android
  2. iPhone
  3. Blackberry
  4. Windows