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Web & Graphics Design

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Website Development

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Android Application Development

Professionally Designing, Developing & customizing DiverseANDROID Solutions.

Digital Marketing & SEO

Our marketing team are obsessed with transparency and with return on investment – ensuring you know exactly what we’re doing for you at all times – and that every penny you spend on your online marketing is returned many times over in measurable new business.

Our SEO offering is centered around delivering you three things: Rankings, traffic and conversions. Too many digital agencies focus on the first two without enough thought about the latter – but it’s conversions which really pay the bills. Our SEO work for you will include…
• Ensuring the technical setup of your website follows Google best-practice
• Developing a positive network of websites linking to yours
• Cleaning up any potentially damaging negative back-links
• Getting your site ranking for phrases that bring you traffic and conversions

PPC – and AdWords in particular – is perhaps the quickest, most efficient method of marketing there is. Paying qualified experts to manage PPC campaigns should always pay for itself through improved efficiency and profitability from your campaign spend. Our PPC campaign managers are all Google AdWords qualified. We’re a Google partner agency, with direct access to help and training by Google themselves. We manage PPC budgets from £hundreds per month to £thousands per year – all with real, measurable return on investment

Email remains one of the most effective ways of building relationships and engaging with your customers. You can reach higher numbers of relevant people – at a lower cost-per-view than pretty much any other type of marketing. The power of email marketing is multiplied many times over by tailoring your messages to the exact interests and behaviors of your recipients. We can help you with advanced, intelligent email marketing campaigns that get real results.

Behavioral targeting: Emailing customers with messages relevant to their previous activity, Creative email template production, Email marketing platform selection and management, Reporting, analysis and split testing.

Content marketing has become the backbone of successful digital marketing – underpinning the effectiveness of virtually all the digital marketing channels.

  1. SEO, PPC and social media marketing all work better when tied in with a content publishing strategy
  2. Content marketing raises awareness and captures potential customers further up the sales funnel.
  3. We’ll work with you to create a content strategy that will support all your digital marketing efforts
  4. Social media content, PR, blogs, news articles, web marketing copy, infographics.
  5. We can create in-depth content that generates leads – such as whitepapers, guides, eBooks and downloads.
  6. We’ll get your content shared across the web, increasing the awareness, engagement and authority of your website